I’ve Moved!

Just a quick note to all of my wonderful followers to let you know I’ve recently begun a new WordPress blog, which can be accessed at www.comealivewithme.wordpress.com. The blog still follows my adventures in Kenya, though it has a lot more information about Flying Kites and the outreach program I work with, Oasis. You’ll find a lot of new pictures and several posts I spent the better part of this morning uploading!

There is a place where you can subscribe to that blog the same way you did this one and continue to get email updates when I upload a new post (which I promise to do more frequently).  It would mean a lot to me if you subscribed on my new site!!

See you over at www.comealivewithme.wordpress.com! Nakupenda sana


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One Response to I’ve Moved!

  1. Cioci Donna Wesley says:

    We’re so proud that you are an integral part of this program, Hannah! Keep up the good work to keep it flying high! Looking forward to your blogs and have subscribed to the wordpress site.
    Love, Cioci Donna

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