Flying Kites New Country Director: Brian Jones

I’ve been working on a post of my own since coming home, but it keeps getting put on the back burner. I hope to be able to update this blog on a semi-regular basis from the states (and hopefully from my many trips back to Kenya), but find I have a lot less free time back in the states than I did in Kenya (although, maybe my free time is the same, but I spend it watching TV, on the computer or out with friends).

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for something I’ve been working on, but in the meantime, I encourage everyone reading this to check out the most recent blog post from one of our staff members in Kenya. Brian Jones arrived in March to take on our Magnet Effect program, a community outreach program that helps connect Njabini-area projects with international partners and donors. The Rabbit Project I helped fund was our inaugural Magnet Effect project. Our current Country Director, my dear friend and mentor, Sarah Medway, has been offered an amazing job at Georgetown Law in DC, so she will be heading home this week to start her next adventure. Brian Jones has been promoted to the position of Country Director, and I can think of no one more qualified to take on this post.

Brian recently posted a blog about Flying Kites and our mission. He has captured the debate of the age-old dilemma of providing adequate care to many versus exemplary care to a few in a way that many can not. I hope his explanation and visuals of our mission helps to explain why Flying Kites is unique – and why we will succeed. Please give this a read – take it to heart – and consider Flying Kites for your next donation. I promise to get something of my own up shortly.

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